Committed to the Earth

Made from Recycled Plastics

Minimized Carbon Footprint

Produced Responsibly and with Dignity


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Raw material

Use of post-consumer recycled (and recyclable) materials.
Elimination of volatile and toxic organic compounds.
Use of materials with traced and certified origin


Suppliers aligned with Hune values ​​and principles
with a code of conduct of responsible practices
with its workers audited under the BSCI standard.


Optimization of transport routes to reduce footprint.
Transportation by sea to reduce environmental impact.
Compensation of carbon emissions produced in logistics.

Imagen diseñadores Hune


Designed to last.

End of Life

Use of materials with a high degree of recyclability.
Alliances with local recyclers for waste management.
Awareness campaign and encouragement of recycling.


Elimination of plastics, varnishes and glues.
Optimum product protection.
Optimum product protection.
Optimization of dimensions for an efficient transfer.
Use of material from renewable sources of controlled production with a low CO2 footprint.