Committed to the Earth

Made from Recycled Plastics

Minimized Carbon Footprint

Produced Responsibly and with Dignity


Passionate about the land and lovers of ecological products and technology.

Explorers, globetrotters and adventurers by nature; free and independent, always seeking to challenge established paradigms, without forgetting to take responsibility for our actions. That what changes, are our consumption habits, and not the planet.

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Planet-Centric Design

It has been proven that 80% of the environmental impact of a product can be prevented at the design stage. For this reason, we apply ecodesign strategies, ensuring that the impact of our products is as little as possible throughout their life cycle.

Earth-friendly materials

We choose the materials conscientiously. We analyze the specific needs of each product to find an alternative that offers us the same characteristics, but with a smaller impact on the planet. We constantly seek a balance in all the decisions we make.


Having information is the main tool for making conscious decisions, which is why we are open about the environmental footprint of our products. We share data publicly so that you understand how and why we do what we do.


We get involved in all stages of the product life cycle. We use post-consumer recycled plastics for its production, we eliminate unnecessary materials from our packaging and we manufacture them with renewable and controlled sources, we seek that they occupy as little space as possible to distribute them efficiently and thus have a lower impact on the environment, and we form alliances to manage waste once they come to an end.


We take charge of our actions on the environment by measuring, reducing and compensating our impact. We seek that all our activities are covered by third parties under different international certifications.

We make sure that all the workers involved in the production are in ethical working conditions, audited under the BSCI standard. We think of our users and we assume the challenge of making sustainable technology accessible to the public. Sustainability to be such, must be affordable for everyone.

Durability and quality

A product with a short life cycle is not sustainable, so we focus on getting products to your hands that meet all our quality standards, passing rigorous tests and controls, to ensure the longest useful life.