Committed to the Earth

Made from Recycled Plastics

Minimized Carbon Footprint

Produced Responsibly and with Dignity


Hune continues in the search to produce electronic devices with a better balance between humanity and nature. In this way, we recently received a great motivation when we were recognized with an award within the framework of the Green Awards 2022 ; the most important sustainability festival in the region, where every year the best 500 social and environmental projects in Latin America are awarded and given visibility. The contest took place from April 18 to 24 in the cities of Miami and Guayaquil crowned with a award gala in the American city. As part of this ninth edition the jury evaluated more than 2500 environmental projects and social presented from 28 countries and 655 cities of Ibero-America. As part of the event, 500 projects and the 3 finalists for each of the 21 categories were shortlisted.

In this frame Hune received special Tech For Good recognition , jointly awarded to AT&T . Hune will thus access workshops and mentoring by experts from the North American company.

This recognition shows us
that we are on the right path.
Have the support of
Premios Verdes
and from an industry benchmark such as AT&T
does nothing more than indicate that we are
In the correct way.

Is about one more step and very important for Hune , in its search for a sustainable production that promotes a community more aware and committed to the land and who inhabit it.

About Green Awards

The Green Awards were born in Guayaquil, Ecuador, in 2013 within the framework of the International Summit on the Environment (CIMA) to recognize initiatives, companies, institutions and projects aimed at generating opportunities in communities, changing lifestyles and improving the environment around a framework of commitment and socio-environmental responsibility.

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