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Charger | USB-Type C "Huron"

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With your purchase, you contribute to reducing the carbon footprint by 94 %.

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Technical description

Recycled plastic shell.
Dual port for simultaneous charging.
Fast charge.
USB and Type C outputs.
Lightweight and portable design, Forest color (green).
94% less CO2 emitted in the production of casing and linings compared to one made of virgin plastic.
Case Material- Recycled ABS
Weight- 43.3g Width- 41.3mm Length- 58.7mm Thickness- 27.9mm

Accessories included


Includes 1 year warranty for manufacturing defects


We use recycled and recyclable materials. We are concerned about where the materials we use come from and what impact they generate.
Our packaging is glue-free, 100% assembled, and we minimize the use of inks and varnishes to ensure good recyclability and reduce the number of chemicals.
We also use FSC cardboard in all our packaging.
The carbon footprint of the materials used in casings and coatings is 94.08% less than that of an equivalent product made with virgin materials.

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Huron USB Charger - Type C

Designed to give you a fast and efficient charge, this charger stands out for its commitment to the environment and its lightweight and portable design.

The recycled plastic casing reflects our passion for reducing environmental impact. Using a recycled ABS material, this wall charger has achieved a 94% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to one made from virgin plastic. By choosing 'Huron', you are choosing a product that not only charges your devices, but also protects our planet.

With its dual simultaneous charging ports, you can charge two devices at the same time, without having to wait. Whether it's your smartphone, tablet or other compatible devices, this charger can handle them with ease.

Fast charging saves you time and keeps your devices ready to go. Plus, with USB and Type C outputs, this charger is compatible with a wide range of devices, providing a versatile charging solution for your needs.

With its lightweight and portable design, this charger is perfect to take with you everywhere. Whether on your travels, in the office or at home, its compact size fits in any environment. The 'Forest' color (green) gives it a natural and aesthetic touch, reflecting our connection with nature.

Customer Reviews

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Rosa Hermida

Lo he comprado porque elijo cuidar al planeta utilizando productos ecológicos